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    At MediGroup, we identify cost effective products and services that help our members achieve greater efficiency and profitability. That’s the MediGroup Advantage!

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    At MediGroup, we are passionate about helping our members provide the best healthcare possible.

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    At MediGroup, we are all about helping health care providers connect with their vendors.

  • MediGroup® The Specialty GPO

    At MediGroup, we are the first GPO to focus on health care as a specialty.

The Leading GPO

MediGroup is the nation’s largest group purchasing organization (GPO) for physician offices, surgical centers and specialty clinics. A GPO exists to leverage the purchasing power of a group of businesses to obtain discounts from vendors using collective buying – and MediGroup can use that power to help you save thousands of dollars on the supplies and services you use every day.

With more than 20,000 healthcare facilities, 100,000 physicians and 250,000 health care employees, MediGroup enables you to practice like a physician and purchase like a hospital. Our wide selection of vendor contracts means you can order only what you know is best for your practice and still save money. There are no obligations.

You choose which contracts fit your needs, and MediGroup will provide the best value to your practice. You will even continue to order your supplies through your usual distributor, making membership convenient.

MediGroup also offers savings on necessary services, from linen rentals to document destruction. Every service you need to keep your practice in its best shape is available – and so are significant savings on each of them. Your employees will also benefit from MediGroup membership, with savings on many products and services for their own personal use.

At MediGroup, we understand you are in medicine to provide care to your patients, not to focus on the details of the business side. For this reason, we help you run your practice efficiently and with significant savings. We can help you save money on supplies, services and business solutions like merchant services and physician insurance, all from one responsive and committed business. We take pride in being available to all of our members to answer any questions you might have.

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